Hamburg – A Great Place to Live

A  green city with a feel-good spirit, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg is always worth a stay. Yet it is not only the myriad tourist attractions such as St. Michaelis („Michel“) or the modern Hafencity that fascinate people from all corners of the world. It is the open-minded attitude and positive lifestyle of its citizens that always gives its guests the feeling that they are welcome here.

A Metropolis

Hamburg is a metropolis that holds its own against any other major city. Shopping options appeal to a variety of tastes and budgets. Rounding out the choice of products is a number of cozy and select boutiques. Restaurants abound, featuring cuisine from a diverse range of nationalities as well as the local region. When it comes to grocery shopping, the product range is immense. Moreover, Hamburg is known for its diverse nightlife.

Child Care

Child care options in the Hanseatic city are multifold across every age range.  Even when selecting a preschool, one has the choice among a traditional, international, church-based, or alternative program. The same applies in the case of schools: there are various elementary school options, numerous secondary schools (including denominational and bilingual), as well as comprehensive schools (Stadtteilschulen). All school systems offer full-time day care. Throughout Hamburg, even elementary school-age children can easily move independently within their neighbourhoods.

Leisure Activities

The choice of leisure activites is exceptional here. There are aquatic sports of all kinds at Alster Lake and numerous clubs offer the opportunity to watch or participate in sporting activities at every level. Classical and pop concerts by internationally known musicians are held here; art exhibitions by renowned artists are also on display at the various museums in Hamburg.

Transportation Network

Thanks to the superiorly constructed road and rail network, one can reach every destination quickly and with ease, be it by bus or train with public transportation, or by car. Hamburg has a multitude of getaway possibilities at its disposal, including paddle boat tours on Alster Lake, swimming at the beach along the Elbe, trips to Lüneburg Heath, and apple-picking excursions in the region known as Altes Land. Accessibility to the highway is also excellent, thus making even one-day outings to the North and Baltic Seas possible.


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